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General conditions of sale in stores

  1.       All sales of equipment by Cartronics are exclusively subject to the present general conditions which cancel and replace those of the customer, and which cannot be derogated from except with the express written agreement of Cartronics. The reception of equipment or the placing of an order by the customer implies irrevocable acceptance of the present conditions and of the additional conditions appearing on the purchase order and assumed to be reproduced here in their entirety.
  2.       Our quotations are subject to change. Orders and reservations will be confirmed by a deposit of 40% of the total amount (inc. VAT) and the signature of a purchase or reservation order, which engages the personal responsibility of the signatory. Any order amendments shall only take effect after written approval of Cartronics. They may only be accepted to the extent that manufacturing has not commenced, wholly or in part. Where applicable they may give rise to an increase in the prices charged. No cancellation of a confirmed order, wholly or in part, can be accepted without the agreement of Cartronics. In this event, Cartronics reserves the right to invoice 30% of the amount of the cancelled order as recompense for the loss and expenses occasioned by the cancellation, without prejudice to its right to claim higher damages.
  3.       Unless otherwise stated, our prices are based on the amounts, at the time the order is expressly confirmed, of purchase prices, salaries, social security contributions, public charges, freight, insurance premiums and other costs. The vendor’s prices exclude transport and insurance, which are at the client's expense.
  4.       To be valid, any disputes or claims must reach us by registered letter sent by post within eight days of invoicing.
  5.       Delivery times are only binding if we have expressly stipulated and accepted them in writing. They vary on the basis of the stock available. Cartronics shall incur no liability for delivery delays or for the total or partial failure to fulfil orders in the following cases:
    a) In the event that the payment conditions stipulated on the order confirmation are not observed by the purchaser;

b) In the event that the information required for the performance of the order have not reached Cartronics in good time;

c) If the delay or the failure to fulfil the order results from government action, strike, accident, fire, natural catastrophe, civil or foreign war, riot, impossibility of obtaining supplies or delay on the part of our own suppliers, or any other cause beyond the vendor’s control.

  1.       Invoices are payable immediately in full at the time of reception of the equipment by the customer, to the Cartronics registered office or to the financial institution mentioned on the documents.
  2.       Any invoice unpaid at its due date shall, as of right and without notice, accrue interest of 1% per month until the payment date. Any month which has begun will be charged in its entirety.
    Furthermore, the payment due will be increased as of right and without notice by  compensation of 15% with a minimum of €100, representing an irreducible fixed penalty clause, without prejudice to any other damages and interest that may be due. The issue of a bill of exchange or a cheque implies neither novation nor derogation of the present conditions.
  3.       The equipment supplied remains the exclusive property of Cartronics until payment has been received in full. In the event of late payment, Cartronics retains the right to repossess the merchandise supplied until full payment is received. To this end the purchaser gives Cartronics formal and irrevocable authority to act.
  4.       Cartronics may incur no liability for any direct or indirect losses due to the poor operation of a mobile telephony network.
  5.   The customer is solely responsible for the suitability of the goods it has ordered for the purpose and needs for which they are intended.
  6.   New mobile telephones and accessories are guaranteed against all manufacturing defects for a period of two years from the date of delivery. The invoice will be strictly required when the guarantee is invoked. Under this guarantee, the sole obligation incumbent upon Cartronics will be the repair of the product or of any element recognised by its services as defective, or, at the choice of Cartronics, free replacement. Any product in respect of which a claim under the guarantee is brought must first be submitted to the Cartronics after-sales service. Faults and deterioration caused by normal wear and tear or an external accident (shocks, oxidation, deliberate failure to follow the manufacturer's instructions, inappropriate maintenance, abnormal use, etc. (this list is not exhaustive) or by any modification of the product not planned or specified by Cartronics or the manufacturer, are excluded from the guarantee. Finally, the present guarantee does not apply if the customer has not paid the price of the products in full.
  7.   In the event of delay in performing its obligations, Cartronics will be liable, eight days after notice adressed by the customer by registered letter, to pay compensation of €2.50 per day’s delay up to a maximum of 15% of the total invoice price.
  8.   The fact that Cartronics has not implemented one or another clause established in its favour by the present general conditions cannot be interpreted as meaning that it has renounced the right to invoke it.
  9.   In the event of dispute, only the courts of the Nivelles judicial district, acting in accordance with Belgian law, shall have jurisdiction.