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DAS information

What is the radiation rate (SAR value) of your mobile phone?

The radiation rate, also called SAR value (Specific Absorption Rate) is the unit of measurement for the amount of electromagnetic energy absorbed by the body when using a wireless device (mobile phone, GSM , etc.). The maximum allowed SAR in Europe is 2 W / kg.

You will find the SAR value of a mobile phone in his description.


A: SAR values ​​below 0.4 W / kg
B: DAS index greater than or equal to 0.4 W / kg, but less than 0.8 W / kg
C: DAS index greater than or equal to 0.8 W / kg, but less than 1.2 W / kg
D: DAS index greater than or equal to 1.2 W / kg, but less than 1.6 W / kg
E: SAR value greater than or equal to 1.6 W / kg, but lower or equal to 2 W / kg.

Warning: actual SAR index is generally less than the maximum index mentioned, particularly because your mobile phone does not use more energy than necessary to establish a connection with the network.

So far, no link has been proven between GSM and possible health effects. As a precaution, it is best to limit your exposure and your children to electromagnetic waves: Be sure to call in moderation, using a headset, select a device whose SAR value is low (Class A or B) and move your calls when coverage is sufficient, p. ex. near a GSM antenna.